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About Thai massage

What does Journey into Harmony mean? What is Thai massage at all? Unfortunately, the term "Thai massage" has become quite connotative in Hungary, and the massage culture did not get well established after the change of regime. However, the massage culture has eventually started emerging in this country as well. Perhaps we are also contributing to the proper positioning of Thai massage and massages in general as they should be part of people’s everyday health practices.

Thai massage is more than a simple pastime. It is not a luxury hobby or snobbery, but a way to sustain our life energies, to replenish our body. This is the reason why we brought Thai massage to Hungary, and our salon also represents this approach. All the Thai massage therapists who work for us have attended the most prestigious schools in Thailand and use skilful, master-level massage therapist techniques. The salon has a refined, oriental atmosphere, not only in appearance, but we have also strived to create aromatherapy with the use of various essential oils and relaxing music during our massages.

5+1 és 10+3 bérlet akció minden masszázsunkra!!!

Figyelem! Bármilyen masszázs elérhető bérlet vásárlásos konstrukcióban. 5 alkalmas bérlet vásárlás esetén 1 ajándék kezelés, 10 alkalmas bérlet vásárlása esetén 3 ajándék kezelés vehető igénybe minden masszázsra. A bérlet 6 hónapig érvényes.

Beyond the traditional Thai massage, at first, the Western body may be more receptive to our oil massage and other combined massages instead of the traditional Thai massages. These massages focus on invigorating every part of the body, from head to toe. The traditional technique, also known as "guided yoga", would be too strong at first, so it is recommended for later. However, we can suggest the lava stone massage for any time, as it is an unmissable experience.

It was important that our guests arriving in pairs could benefit from our services together, so we created double massage rooms for them. We are located very close to Budapest, in Dunakeszi Auchan. Thus we are very easy to reach from South Budapest thanks to the M0 motorway.

Our popular massages

„There are some things in life where it is better to receive than to give, and massage is one of them.”
We think massage is a journey: getting to know the body, uplifting the soul, searching for harmony. For us, not just a good-sounding slogan is "Thai Massage", but a mission that comes from within us. We believe that our massage services are suitable for maintaining health, relaxation, getting to know the body, soothing the soul and rejuvenating them.

Expertise, attention and kindness

Our goal is that our guests leave our salon refreshed and with good memories.

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